There once was a mum who had a big bum. / by Tracy Kashi

Now my bum is plentiful, but I'm going to blog about my life as a singer/actress/mum.

How do you go from school run mum to singing the title track in a prime time ITV drama, sharing album space with Beverley Knight, Kara Tointon, Jamie Cullum and er..Dame Vera Lynn??? My unexpected gig with The Halcyon came out of the blue but maybe it was an accident that was waiting to happen. My name is Tracy Kashi. I am a former solicitor, waitress, joke writer, 2nd violinist, mum of 2, session singer from North London.

To be fair, it was all a bit of a miracle. I was never going be discovered via a talent contest. I find them so excruciating that to watch them induces a form of PTSD flashback to the many hundreds and 1000s of auditions I’ve endured to my own mercifully private mortification. But I do accept that any casting process is fascinating to watch because it is the extreme form of what we all do every day except with a ruthless and crucially safe distance from our cruelty.

But after years of struggle and disappointment I suddenly had a captive audience…..millions of people when they tuned into The Halcyon would get a delicious morsel of drama and then cut to the title sequence which I happened to be singing. ‘Hourglass’ the main theme to The Halcyon reached no 5 in the Amazon soundtracks song chart and is the most popular song on the soundtrack album for itunes downloads. But it was a chance remark on a play date that led to me singing the title for The Halcyon.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Lets start at the beginning.....