You say Potato I say Fromage!

So while I am by no means in any way 'famous', I am starting to get 'haters' on the internet, so maybe I am making progress??

Apparently, my french grammar is atrocious and something I should be ashamed of!!! Honestly I couldn't be more delighted......don't you get it?? That means someone was actually listening!! To Moi!!

Ok, so neither me or Samuel Sim are native French speakers but believe me we tried a more faithful accent and it sounded dreadful and worse, pulled focus from the action and the mood. Subtlety!!! Mon amie Subtlety!!! Let's all concentrate on Rowan's performance and the beautiful cinematography n'est pas??

Meanwhile my sincere apologies to the entire French speaking nations of the world....but hey...thanks for listening!

xxxx bissou