Sometimes, when a Jew hides in Hawaii...... / by Tracy Kashi

she emerges in Hoxton.

Where do you come from? they used to ask my white mother with the funny accent and my dark brown daddy with his honey beige daughters

My mother always said Hawaii

It sadly was not true

Where do you come from? he asked me the other night. I said its complicated and mentioned several countries before dropping the Israel bomb. 

Its funny how it still makes me worry what people will hear when I offer up the geography of my dna. Iran….Germany…Poland…Israel…Israel…Jew…Jew…..

Where do I come from?

I come from Mashad..and the dark chestnut brown

I come from the Poles and blonde woman quietly frying everything in chicken fat

I come from Germany…I arrive on time and well practiced

I come from the old war and the new

I come from the shame of survivors guilt and winners remorse

I come from a long line of runaways

I am the jew that looks like the arab that sounds like the bbc

I am bagels and I am jewelled rice

I am the secret semite hidden inside the

         Secret Semite hidden inside a 


And my beautiful white blonde blue eyed daughters may not get asked where they come from as much as their curly brown mama, but their cells can not help but know they are home when they taste the rose water or the saffron or hear the minor key and lilting melody of their bloodstream.