August beckons...everything's on ice....and God knows where my next couch is coming from. / by Tracy Kashi

One minute I'm sharing a line up at a charity festival with Ibibio Sound Machine. The next I'm flabbing around doubting myself to the core and desperately trying to drum up business. But only in September because nothing happens in August apart from a lot more childcare, or holidays for those who can afford it. So my September plans are rehearse, record and perform as much as I the hopes that I can build a life that revolves around music. The next step after that is to upgrade my "Chess Couch" For many years my income as a jobbing actor and singer was so negligible and unpredictable I gave up all hope of earning any sort of a living and instead bought specific items with my ill-gotten gains. Hence a couch paid for with earnings from "Chess at the Royal Albert Hall" a "Lost in the Stars" telescope, rent paid for by RENT and a Basil Brush tv show iphone etc etc

It feels like a uniquely weird position to be in: answering fan mail from around the globe for my tv theme tunes and hustling for a place to play. Then again the more biographies I read the more I realise that it takes a lot of graft to find your groove. We can't all be teenagers who get discovered and managed into a raised platform. Some of us have to fly the flag for the tired "sandwich generation" those of us who look after our ageing parents, tiny toddlers and crazy careers. A strange, satisfying and sometimes very have I bit off more than can chew-y sandwich.

See you in September.....