With friendship and affection straight from the place where my breasts used to be, I have the pleasure to invite you to my show.

First they wanted to remove my breasts, then they wanted to poison me, then they wanted to age me by 15 years. I said yes yes yes.

Because I needed to live.

Tracy Kashi embarks on an uplifting musical show about her experience with breast cancer from shock diagnosis and treatment through to tentative recovery.

With live music, comedy and candid advice on how to survive an unexpected cancer gap year, join this Crouching Diva as she talks about her Hidden Cancer.

You can catch the first 20 mins of the show in a special preview at the JW3 north london as part of their Kvell Your Darlings: you can get details here by clicking here.

A full version of the show will take place in the main theatre at the JW3 on 31st October 2019. A percentage of the profits will go to the breast cancer charity Future Dreams.